October 7th- STEAM

Today we were world travelers and architects.  We started by taking a virtual trip to the White House and then to the other side of the world to see the Great Wall of China!  The children worked together to build these famous structures noticing details, shapes, lengths, and sizes.


First stop- Washington D.C.


We hopped in our airplane and headed to China!


For our long walk along the wall, we packed a “backpack” with snacks and water!


We needed LOTS of steps!


We counted 4 columns for the White House.


Examining the details!


The Great Wall is very tall as well as long!



Don’t forget the tourists!


“The fountain is 4 fingers tall!”


What’s the White House without the first family?


The front of the White House has never looked better! 🙂


The Great Wall wouldn’t be complete without tour guides!

Wednesday, May 25

Robotics Assembly

We went to a cool assembly today to learn about robots and how they work.  One of our preschool students was even called up to help do a demonstration!  The children went to art after the assembly and created their own robots out of a variety of materials including paper and blocks. 

Friday, April 29- STEAM

We are learning about the life cycle of caterpillars- how they go through metamorphosis and change into butterflies.  Our class was able to watch this process first hand with Painted Lady butterflies!

Today, the children observed the butterflies as they had emerged from their chrysalises.  They also drop painted large butterfly shapes and learned about symmetry.  Our classroom also received 4 new iPads and the children had fun exploring the educational apps!