March 11th

Continuing our study of Dr. Seuss, we read Barthholomew and the Ooblek. We even made some of our own! The children had fun exploring how the ooblek turned from a liquid to a solid and back again!  

















January 20th- Choice Time

During these cold days of January, we have been learning about snow and winter!

Out dramatic play area has been transformed into a space for the children to ice fish, get toasty warm by a camp fire, pretend to hibernate like bears and protect themselves from the elements in our igloo. 









We were observing snow in the Science Center and deciding if we should eat it when we are outside…(The kids say no- it looks really dirty when it melts!)

Playdough, art, and the sensory table!



January 8, 2016- STEAM

Today we began to explore things with wheels!  We learned that wheels help to move objects from one place to another.  We also learned that sometimes people can’t move around on their own, so they use a wheel chair. 

In our experiment, we tried to move a heavy box and a grown up without wheels.  The box was really hard to push and the kids couldn’t even budge the adult!  They decided to use a scooter and it made the work so much easier.






   Then it was time to play on their wheels!