Sptemeber 30th- Music and Art

Today in Music class, the children explored beats using literacy and drums!  After reading “Hop Jump” by Ellen Stoll Walsh, the kids used their whole hand to beat on the drum to the word “Hop” and their fingers to drum when they heard “Jump.”


IMG_7950 IMG_7951 IMG_7952 IMG_7956

Mrs. C set up invitations to create art using stencils, collage, and paints.

IMG_8003 IMG_7999 IMG_7997 IMG_8008 IMG_8004

September 25- STEAM

What a beautiful day to spend time in our school garden!  The children explored what is left of the bounty, and brought it back to the classroom for our snack.  They also touched, smelled and tasted the herbs from the sensory garden- chocolate mint, lime basil, peppermint, barbecue rosemary, and lavender.

While tasting the mint N said, “It tastes like tea!  I’m a caterpillar!”

After trying the Rosemary R said, “It’s a herv!”

M declared that the chocolate mint was his favorite!