November 20th- STEAM

The children have enjoyed building marble runs with our plastic set in class.  We thought it would be fun to make our own out of towel rolls!  Our steam Friday friends decided we needed:

-paper rolls




-bowl to catch the marbles 

We watched a video about energy and motion and talked about some big concepts like energy in motion and energy that is stored.  

During our experimental building of the marble run, the children worked together and problem solved some issues.  For example, the marble was moving so fast and needed something to block it from flying off the track.  Another problem was the marbles kept flying out of the bowl, so the kids searched the classroom and found a larger, deeper container.





November 16th-            Andy the Ambulance 

Andy the Ambulance came to visit us at preschool today!  He taught us about being safe and what to do in case of an emergency.  We also recalled and learned the names of the special people in our community that can help us when we are sick or have other problems-

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, police officers and fire fighters 


November 12th- Choice Time and Pumpkin Fun 

As a culminating activity for our pumpkin studies, we opened up a pumpkin and roasted the seeds for snack.  We also made yummy pumpkin muffins!  We put our pumpkin outside of the classroom door and will be observing it for the rest of the school year.