Meet the Teachers

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My career in teaching young children spans over 9 years.  Within this time, I completed a Master’s degree and raised (still raising!) four children, with the help of my amazing chef husband!  I absolutely love working with preschoolers and I often feel this population goes under recognized for their capabilities.  Each day they never cease to astound me with their creativity, imagination, and intelligence.  My passions lie with children’s literature, science and art.  At any given time I may have over 70 books checked out from the local library!  Nature and its beauty are always a source of inspiration for me and I find this commonality with the children in my care.  Having been fortunate enough to be the daughter of a professional watercolorist, art and the creative process influence my teaching practices heavily.  Another influence is the Reggio Emilia style of teaching as I aspire to learn and implement more of this approach into my early childhood pedagogy.


I have been teaching young children for 8 years, since completing my BS in Elementary education with endorsements in Early Childhood and Reading.   I am currently working towards my Masters in Early Childhood Education.  Coming to work each day and finding new ways to make learning fun is always exciting for me!   These children are such cool little people with their own unique interests, knowledge, and experiences and there is so much we can learn from them.  It is our job and our goal to help them build their foundations for future learning.  When we can capture the attention and curiosity of their young minds, real learning takes place.  I also find inspiration through nature, and enjoy incorporating it in learning whenever possible.