May 29th- Planting and Painting 

The STEAM Friday kiddos planted sunflower seedlings in our new planter box- generously handmade and donated by Felix’s dad!

We also did some collaborative art work.  The children painted a sign and rocks for our Sensory Garden. 

    Matching the children’s initials on the rocks with their names on the sunflower plants. 


May 27th-Animal visit

Today the Creature Conservancy brought 5 really cool animals to visit our classroom! We learned a lot about these animals like where they live, what they eat, and how they protect themselves from predators. We met a military macaw, a three banded armadillo, a red kangaroo, a boa constrictor, and a two-toed sloth.


May 22nd- STEAM field trip 

Today we set out to buy herbs for our sensory garden!  We rode the city bus to the local market and were greeted by rows of beautiful flowers and a wall of various herbs ranging from chocolate mint to barbecue rosemary.