April 24- STEAM 

Our preschoolers explored Rube Goldberg machines today.  We learned they are a way of doing a “simple task in a complicated way.”

Before we ventured into making our own machines, we watching a couple videos online.  Here are the titles:

Sesame Street: Rube Goldberg Machines!

Tinkerlab: Engineering Kids- Rube Goldberg Machine

The first question we asked was: What task could we have our machine do?

Next, we gather materials and started exploring!


April 21- Yoga and Dinosaurs

We discovered a phenomenal website called Cosmic Kids that offers free yoga videos for kids!  The instructor, Jaime, is amazing and she teaches the children yoga through engaging  stories.

The children measured the length of a Tyrannoaurus Rex and a Stegosaurus using their bodies.  We discovered it takes 11 1/2 preschoolers to equal the size of a T-Rex and 6 1/2 children to equal a Stegosaurus!

It took 20 preschool shoes to fit inside the track of a T-Rex!

April 17- Field Trip

As a culminating activity for our dinosaur unit, we visited the Natural History Museum.  Our class participated in a program specifically designed for prek called, “Dancing with Dinosaurs!”


April Fool’s Day!

It’s Wednesday and April 1st, so we did silly things all over our classroom!  “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss was our inspiration. 



Signing in with markers today instead of  pencils and there are only 2 chairs instead of 6!

  We used counting bears to sign in and not our usual unifix cubes. 😀

  Purple toilet water?!?!


 Something’s different here with the months of the year and our numbers… Can you see it?

  A teddy bear hanging where the play dough sign is usually?  Now that’s wacky!


 Dress up clothes with the play dough??  

  Upside down reading time!

  What is the recycling bin doing on top of the table where we play?

  Our library chair landed inside of the tent.  I think it grew wings or feet, maybe?!



     The kids made lists so they could keep track and find all 10 wacky things in our classroom!