October 20, 2017- Apple Orchard field trip

During our studies of all things fall, we learned about apples and pumpkins and our class took a fabulous field trip to a family owned Apple Orchard. We picked apples and pumpkins, learned more about bees and pollination, and discovered how cider was made in house. It was a beautiful fall day and a wonderful way to extend our learning outside of the classroom with our families!


October 19 and November 8, 2017- Signs of fall walks

There are so many fun things to do and explore in the fall! The children were so excited to go for a walk and see the leaves changing colors and starting to fall. We’ve read lots of books about autumn and leaves and have had many discussions, as they children were fascinated by the colors and collected leaves daily for our science center. We learned that the trees don’t need the leaves when the weather gets cold because the job of the leaves are to make food and in the winter the trees go dormant– still alive but not growing.

Here are pictures of the trees in mid October and early November –

October 18, 2017-   Choice time- playing, learning and growing together 

The last couple of weeks our class has been growing immensely as a classroom community.  We are learning about friendship (including ways to fill one another’s “buckets”) as well as all the ways to be engaged and involved in our various centers.

In the block center, the children have discovered the big blocks and are making ships and various other things to drive and ride!  They have also discovered our pictures of famous structures and are working together to build them.  The children are enjoying building with a variety of other materials as well and the unifix cubes are making a daily appearance as the children make patterns and count the cubes.  At the art table, the kids are experimenting with the independence of being able to choose various art supplies to create with as well as focusing on making one of our letters of the week.  We cut paper for C, used dot markers for D and cut out eggs for E.  The alphabet letters are always popular and the children are making them with playdough as well as spelling their names in the ABC center.   The children continue to gravitate towards our math and science centers as well dramatic play.  These last couple weeks we have been buying produce from our farmer’s market, weighing pumpkins and gourds in math and sorting animals by their type (mammal, fish or bird) in science.



September 29, 2017- STEAM Friday

During these first few weeks of school, our Friday friends have been exploring plants and seeds from our school garden. Our curiosity was piqued when I brought in a ginormous sunflower from my home garden. The children took the seeds out, opened them up and began asking many questions. They wondered how the seeds grow into plants and they wanted to see other types seeds to compare them to the sunflower. We went out into the school garden where we found some yummy vegetables to taste as well as discover where the seeds were located in the plant and what color, size and shape they were. Many of them were much smaller than our seeds from the giant sunflower! We even used the vegetables to make art prints. 

September 28, 2017- First Month of School

Another school year is off to a fabulous start!  Our new preschoolers have been busy making friends and learning all about school this month.  They have been actively engaged in play at our learning centers in the classroom and enjoying their daily specials- art, music, media and physical education.  We have spent time outside and are learning yoga on rainy days.  Our class loves to dance and sing!  Our current favorite songs are- 5 Brown Buns, 5 Green Apples and 10 in a Bed. Please enjoy this snapshot of our classroom community!

May 12th- STEAM

Today we explored different ways that illustrators make art. We have been reading stories by Leo Lionni and noticed that he makes his art by stamping different materials. We also read a story illustrated by Kevin McCloskey and he used paper bags for his illustrations. We thought it would be fun to combine the two techniques!  First, we collected items from nature and then we stamped them on brown paper bags. Check out our process!

March 13, 2017- Study:       Animals in Winter 

Right before the first day of spring and in the midst of a winter storm (hopefully the last snow fall!) we have concluded our study of animals in winter.

We read many books about animals and what they do during the winter.  The children even acted out one story in our “bear den.”  They also created a variety of animals and put them on display in the hallway.  The children chose the animals they wanted to make and depicted them in their own way- paying close attention to the colors and shapes of their bodies.  They placed them in their winter dwellings- underground, in a tree, den, or deep in the mud.  

March 10, 2017- STEAM      

We made slime today!  The kids were able to take some home and we made a batch for our M-Th friends too! 😀

Giant Fluffy Slime:

20 ounces glue

2.5 teaspoons baking soda

Food Coloring or die…(I used frosting color, because its what I had)

2 cups shaving cream…(I used Pure Silk Sensitive Skin, because I wanted something that was low oder).

Saline Solution…(I found this in the pharmacy area, near contact cleaner at Meijer for 3.89 for two big bottles).  

Big Bowl for mixing

Big spoon

Bowl with lid to store your slime in


Pour your glue into the big bowl. Add the baking soda and mix well. 

Add your coloring. You want to make the glue mixture a shade darker than you want your final slime to be, because the shaving cream will lighten it). 

Add the shaving cream and mix well. 

Slowly start the squirt in some saline solution. Squirt a little in and mix well, repeat process until the slime is the texture you desire. I mixed with a spoon until it started to combine, and then I mixed the rest of it with my hands. I made mine so that it would not stick to our hands. ***(If your slime seems almost how you want it, wait for 3-4 minutes, then play with it for 2-5 minutes…if its still a little sticky add a few drops of saline solution at a time.) IF you add too much saline solution it will make your slime really hard and not stretchy.