October Fall Fun!

This month we having been enjoying the changing of the season by going on walks to look for signs of fall around our school.  We also recently went on a field trip to the local apple orchard and learned about apples and pollination.


October 23, 2018- The adventure begins!

September and October have been a whirlwind of fun and learning with our new group of preschoolers!  We are learning the routines, making friends and discovering the joys and wonders of preschool!  The children are enjoying building, playing house, exploring with the sensory table and play dough, reading books, playing outside, making art as well as hands-on learning in the math and science centers.  Art, Media, Gym and Music are also an important  part of our days and we look forward to these specials and having times with those amazing teachers.  Some of our studies these last two months have included- learning all about me and our families, apples and pumpkins.



STEAM Fridays

STEAM Friday fun:

We investigated the school garden and tried some vegetables.

We made prints with materials from our garden.

We had fun with color mixing.

We did color mixing using baking soda and vinegar.

We went on a virtual field trip to the Great Wall of China.