Wednesday, May 25

Robotics Assembly

We went to a cool assembly today to learn about robots and how they work.  One of our preschool students was even called up to help do a demonstration!  The children went to art after the assembly and created their own robots out of a variety of materials including paper and blocks. 

Friday, April 29- STEAM

We are learning about the life cycle of caterpillars- how they go through metamorphosis and change into butterflies.  Our class was able to watch this process first hand with Painted Lady butterflies!

Today, the children observed the butterflies as they had emerged from their chrysalises.  They also drop painted large butterfly shapes and learned about symmetry.  Our classroom also received 4 new iPads and the children had fun exploring the educational apps!

April 22- Earth Day 

Our STEAM Friday friends engaged in some fun and helpful activities for Earth Day!  We weeded two gardens to prepare for planting our butterfly and sensory gardens.  While weeding, we checked the rain gauge and found some earthworms. The children also excitedly went on a “Trash Hunt” to help keep our earth clean and beautiful.:)





April 15th- Natural History Museum

Today we took a field trip to the local museum to learn more about dinosaurs!

The children saw and felt real dinosaur fossils and learned the characteristics of dinosaurs vs. other animals who lived during that time in history- among many other things!





March 11th

Continuing our study of Dr. Seuss, we read Barthholomew and the Ooblek. We even made some of our own! The children had fun exploring how the ooblek turned from a liquid to a solid and back again!  

















March 4- Field Trip 

As a culminating activity for our study of the five senses, our class took a field trip to our local   Hands-On Museum.  The children were able to explore the museum with their families and then participate in a special program designed for preschoolers about our senses.  A fun time was had by all!